Founded in March 2004, VASSTEK is the world’s 1st close-loop iVCM( intelligent Voice Coil Motor) total solution provider with in-house technologies in close-loop iVCM customize design, control ASIC design and iVCM mass production capability along with solid sales/marketing experience.

 Targeting at the up-growing strong request for high quality micro-actuator for continuous auto-focus from camera handset and tablet, VASSTEK provides his proprietary total solution, including in-house iVCM design with proprietary patent of “smart close-loop positioning feed-back mechanism”. Working with the in-house developed specific iVCM controller (ASIC) of VASSTEK, the total solution guarantee the fastest and best precision in micro form factor the request of the compact camera module for mobile handset and tablet with the world’s only non-flat spring design. The robust mechanic design of iVCM has been proven to be the best mass production with most cost effective solution for the request of continuous auto-focus actuator for compact camera module of mobile handset and tablet.

 To encourage the team members, VASSTEK has defined the special incentive program for the team member to share the great harvest along with promising personal career development with the company’s growing.

 VASSTEK delivering Very Advanced Smart Solution. Welcome you to join for growing together and sharing the great future harvest.